Transformation Roundtable

Achieving Excellence in Data Management

17 October 2018 / Copenhagen

Join the exclusive roundtable for 25 leaders in data and technology.


“Great session to better understand new trends and successful approaches to organizational transformation.”


“Excellent, has given me motivation and direction to start changing my business.”


"A great introduction to new ideas and full of actionable insights on proven best practice."

Roundtable Theme:

Achieving Excellence in Data Management

What Data Management strategy should we follow in order to consistently serve the organization with high-quality data?

What technologies should we invest in that best suit our organization's needs and how to seamlessly integrate new systems in our existing infrastructure?

What frameworks should we implement that clarifies ownership, ensures accessibility and maintains accountability across the business?


Integrity, accuracy and consistency: Maximizing data quality across the organization


Continuous Improvement: Building the right Data Management capabilities for the business


Sustainable Data Success: Implementation of Functional Data Governance Frameworks


"A great opportunity to benchmark - seeing the challenges other industries were facing helped me a lot to put things into perspective."


"Great content with a high degree of application. Hands-on working examples from a variety of successful organizations."


"Highly recommendable - great and up to date information, engaging discussion and very much designed around the audience."

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