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Masterclass Overview

With all the challenges facing data and analytics leaders, now is the time to discover the full recipe for data and analytics success.

This three-day masterclass is based on deep analysis of the world’s leading companies at leveraging data and analytics. It will provide the proven, implementable know-how to build out and leverage practical insights to serve the most critical business objectives across your organisation.

The Event Will Cover…

Part One

Discover the recipes for analytics success and failure

  • Understand the underlying reasons why data analytics efforts fail
  • Complete a health-check of your initiatives and benchmark against your peers
  • Plan the best next steps to enable your organisation to get the most value from data

Part Two

Stay resilient: Achieve Successful Strategy Execution

  • Outline meaningful KPIs to measure and demonstrate the value of your team
  • Boost efficiency of your data projects through easy-to-implement agile approaches
  • Create a personalised checklist of dos and don’ts for data analytics project success

Part Three

Master change management and influence techniques

  • Use simple tactical decisions to shift the culture of your organisation
  • Follow Bill’s guiding principles to position yourself as the key value engineer in your organisation
  • Build your own unique operating plan for the next 3, 6 and 12 months to ensure continuous improvement

Leading The Masterclass...

Bill Hoffman

Data Visionary & Senior Executive

Bill Hoffman has 25 years of experience leveraging data analytics to drive business value on the order of magnitude of hundreds of millions of dollars at this point in his career. Companies Bill has worked with include Walmart, JP Morgan, BBDO, Groupon and Target.

He held the position of Chief Analytics Officer at US Bank, a Top 5 American bank with $80B of revenue, Fortune Most Admired Top 5 alongside Disney and Apple.

Previously, he served as the Senior Vice President of Customer Insight at Best Buy, a $50B revenue company and the world’s largest consumer electronics retailer.

He also served as Senior Expert in McKinsey & Company’s Strategy Practice, a Partner at The Gallup Organization, and in SVP Strategy roles for Bank of America.

Attendee numbers are limited to 30 qualified practitioners per session, with extensive preevent customization and active facilitation throughout the day. Each masterclass follows a theme with a strong central narrative around a key area of Data Transformation, with in-depth case study discussions

We exclude any and all sponsors, solution providers, salespeople, agencies and press members to make sure our participants can maximize the return they get on their time out of the office, free from distractions. Due to our strict data protection policies, we also never share data with any third party organizations

The case study presentations and guided group discussions are structured to provide actionable insights for real-life business applications. Hands-on learning materials and case studies recorded in a digital format are available to continuously revisit during the implementation process.

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