We are Data Leaders

We are Data Leaders

The people and story behind Data Leaders, the global peer-advisory community for leaders in data intelligence and their teams

Data Intelligence is the ability to understand and use your data in the right way. It is the output or result of connecting the right data, insights and algorithms to allow all data citizens to optimize processes, increase efficiency and drive innovation.


We do this through our intelligence hub, private curated events and peer advisory services. In these domains data, analytics, ML and A.I. leaders can intimately share ideas, solutions, and collaborative discovery free from press, competition and solicitation.


We believe good data can improve people’s lives and build a more just and sustainable world. That will be achieved by uniting people and using their collective wisdom to improve all outcomes. Trust and integrity are at our heart. We believe data works better together.

Our Team

The team at Data Leaders is committed to enabling our members to put data at the heart of their organisations, accelerating their journey to superior performance.

Richard Pope


Richard is a passionate leader. He’s energetic, loves ideas and helping people succeed.

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Pascal Clement


Pascal is our data guru. He’s fervent about innovation and ideas that can change the world.

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Louise Clement


Louise is a networker. She is ardent about communication and linking people together to achieve a goal.

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Laura Bineviciute


Combining customer needs, data and our vision, Laura brings our membership to life. She laughs a lot. Really!

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Adam Candlish


Adam is passionate about community-led business models and the value they deliver. Rugby also tops the list.

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Ting Jones


Ting’s raison d’être is bringing people together. Her favourite thing is to walk her dogs in the rain.

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Data Leaders is supported by an advisory board of international thought leaders with the aim to inspire progress, ethicise data and help shape the future of the profession.

Data Leaders is trusted and supported by global organisations who also believe in the power of information and analysis

We are proud to be among some of the best in the industry. Companies that choose us as their trusted partners include…

The most important event for data professionals, start-ups, tech leaders and investors at the forefront of data innovation.

Beurs Van Berlage, Amsterdam
5-6th October 2021

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